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Cannily, Cannily

Cannily, cannily bonnie wee bairnikie.
Don't you cry now my little pet.
Hush you a bye now your daddy is sleeping,
And it's not a time for to waken him yet.

Soon he'll go through to the shed for his engine.
Soon he'll be driving his train through the night.
Working for pennies for you my dear treasure.
So hold your noise honey, your daddy sleeps light.

repeat chorus

When you are grown you shall have your own engine.
The biggest that ever was seen on the line.
And all of our neighbours will point to my Johnny.
And now he's the king of the northeastern line.

repeat chorus

Ewan McColl ©1953

This song has always been described as a traditional English song, but I've discovered since recording this CD that it was written by Ewan MacColl in 1953 for Isla Cameron. It's more industrial than Island pastoral, but I couldn't leave it off the album because I've always loved it. In addition to Ewan McColl singing in the original dialect (here's a link to that version http://sniff.numachi.com/pages/tiCANNLY;ttCANNLY.html)
Maddy Prior & Tim Hart (of Steeleye Span) also made a well-known recording of it in 1971 on the album Summer Solstice.