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Baby & Toddler Sings - Marinwood Community Center - Thursdays

Baby Sings - 6-18 months 9.30-10.15

Toddler sings 18 months - 4yrs 10.30-11:15

Join us as we play together with songs, chants, rhymes, finger play, movement, dance and rhythm instruments.

$10 drop in or call 415-479-0775 to register.

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Mama Sings

is singing group specifically designed to nourish & support moms, dads, pregnant mothers, grandparents and other caregivers as well as their babies. Singing together is not only a great way to get your singing voice in shape, but is also a great way of developing a sense of community. After warming up our voices and bodies I will guide you through some simple singing technique and teach you lullabies from different traditions & even how to write your own! Julia's album Lullaby Island won a Parents' Choice award in 2007 and is recommended by Mothering magazine.

Saturday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM; 1 session on January 23, 2010

Tuition: $25.00 to book Call 415-945-3730

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I have been a Mothering Magazine subscriber for the last 6 years so was delighted when they reviewed Lullaby Island this month, hurrah!

"Julia Norton sings traditional and original airs with precision and crystalline clarity. Many tunes are performed a cappella; others are accompanied by guitar and Celtic harp. This lovely album is sure to soothe small souls and bring peaceful slumber."

Melissa Chianta ~ Mothering Magazine

"Julia Norton's Lullaby Island has everything I love, not just in kid's music, but in all music. The melodies are complex, Norton's voice is airily gorgeous, and the lullabies are original and sweet."

"a truly sweet collection"

Kristen, Cool Mom Picks coolmompicks.com

"Unlike any other CD in our collection, we are loving the imaginative discussions that this CD can bring to relaxation time. Simply wonderful!"

"A compelling, harmonious balm for the the child who loves to be sung to sleep. Musical moments for the troubled unquiet mind in a sometimes cruel and cacophonous world. Some moments of peace. Lovely lovely."

"Lullaby Island is a huge gift at a time when the physical and emotional touch of the human voice is sorely missing in infancy, not to mention in child and adult-hood."

"What an amazing vocal....you have that combination of domestic hearth and wild windswept moors that characterizes the best of Celtic folk singers. This is a faultless performance!.....The recording and production is first rate! I couldn't help listening to a couple of other cuts, the level of performance and writing here is so strong!"

"I'm Here to Sing You to Sleep" Julia was given 9/10 by 'TAXI' an independent A & R company.

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