Welcome to Lullaby Island

Please browse through the songs and listen to clips. Print lyric sheets and sing them to those you love; heck sing them to those you don't love and maybe things will change!

This album was made with love, on a shoestring, by a singing mother. Despite the fact that my budget was tiny, I was blessed to find a fantastic producer with a vision, an artist who creates the most dreamy images in pastels and two wonderful musicians who lent their skill on guitar and Celtic harp.

"I brought my tiny harp, one that would fit on a fairy boat."

- Diana Stork in the studio                                                             

As well as running lullaby workshops, I teach singing to individuals and groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm also a novice composer, my son is a great inspiration to me in many ways, but his ideas for songs rock! You can visit my website to find out more about me.

Jasmine Ojeda created the artwork for the CD and website; she was a gift from the heavens. She is filled with breathtakingly beautiful ideas and is eternally patient. I was in awe of her creation process. This is her first CD cover!!

Jeffrey Wood recorded and produced all 18 songs (and also two more that didn't fit on the album!). I had never recorded anything with a producer before, but he made me feel very relaxed and comfortable from the very first time I met him. When I told him I wanted to make a lullaby CD, he gave me a copy of Donovan's "A Gift From a Flower to a Garden" recorded in 1968. It was perfect, a beautiful mixture of innocence, folk music and sounds from nature, exactly the kind of album I wanted to make.

Randy Clark is the guitarist on this CD, he did a fabulous job. His band is called Crowsong.

Diana Stork is an accomplished harpist and teacher who directs the "Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble" and the "Mission Harp Ensemble" among many other things! It was magical to hear her play.